About Smartec

Smartec S.A.

Smartec is the largest authorized, high level, repair center in Greece for SAMSUNG smartphones, tablets and wearables (in and out of factory warranty), which, on a scale of 100, was rated by Samsung with 99.38 during the first semester of 2020 and with 100 during the second semester of 2020.

Smartec A.E. No1 επισκευαστικό κέντρο της Samsung, στην Ελλάδα.

Some info on our offerings to our customers

We would like to think that we care about your device as much as you do. For this, we offer to you the following:

  • Certified repair at the lowest price of the market.
  • Exclusive use of original and new Samsung spare parts.
  • Continuous information on the state of the device and its repair.
  • 71-point diagnostics during reception 41 points during delivery.
  • Full sealing of the device, where required.
  • Repair speed (Average repair time: 1 hour).
  • Repair by technicians with the longest experience and training in Greece.
  • Quality and repair control guarantee using the know-how and lab equipment of Smartec.

A few words on our services

We have divided our services into two levels (Β2Β and B2C), in order to best serve our customers.
* For Β2Β services information is available ΕΔΩ.
Smartec Service website deals exclusively with B2C services in order to achieve absolute satisfaction of private customers who wish to repair their device in the best time and for the best time in the market.
For this reason, we have divided Smartec Services into:

  • 1 Hour Service
  • Same Day Service
  • Courier Online
  • and
  • Smartec Soft Care (at the store), offering each owner of a Samsung, with transport and data back-up services, diagnostics control, device settings, product presentations, etc. at no cost.
* If you wish to learn more about Smartec S.A. see ΕΔΩ.


Smartec was established in Athens in 1999, having as its core field of activity the provision of high-tech services in the mobile phones after sales service.
A key-point in the course of the company was the cooperation with Motorola, which held the largest mobile telephony device market share, where we assumed the role of the authorized high level repair center for these devices.
From that point on, large mobile telephone manufacturers such as SAMSUNG, LG and TOSHIBA, trusted our experience, the continuous and constant training of our technicians and our certified technological equipment and entrusted us with the after sales support of their products..
Then, Smartec, in order to broaden the services provided and ensure effective coverage of the needs of mobile telephony devices users, proceeded to the development of an integrated software platform with the commercial name ALV, provided added value services to mobile telephony store networks.
In 2010, Smartec assessing the concentrating trends in the mobile telephony market deemed that only its cooperation with SAMSUNG coincided with its long term objectives in the after sales service sector.
In the context of the holistic approach to the mobile telephones repair sector, Smartec expanded in the spare parts and accessories trading domain.
Since 2015, Smartec broadened its activity in the digital payment sector entering a significant commercial agreement with TRANSACTION SYSTEMS for the distribution of PAX terminals, having as its main customer the VIVA group of companies.

Why Smartec?

Original spare parts at the best price

For our repairs we only use new, original Samsung spare parts. We offer the highest repair quality at the best market prices.


Diligence, Reliability, Service

Premium personalized service in the shortest time possible is evidenced by our ranking in the market and the testimonies from our customers.


Factory Warranty

All repairs (under warranty, or not) are entered on Samsung platform in order to preserve 100% the remainder term of the factory warranty.


Fast repair

Specialized technicians in state of the art labs, repair any fault with the best response times in the market and absolute assurance for your data.


Next to you, wherever you are

For this reason we created the FREE hipping-delivery service for the entire Greece (Courier Online), 1 Hour Service and Same Day Service.


Authorized Samsung service

As the official authorized Samsung Service, Smartec guaranties that all repairs are completed according to the highest standards of the manufacturing company.