Terms and Conditions

Your interest in data protection on our website is important. It is also important to feel happy and safe when visiting our website and to consider the application of data protection as a quality feature in the provision of our services.

Upon entering our website, the IP address of your device is automatically sent from the terminal browser you use and without your own action, with the possibility of internet access submitted by the request, which is then sent to an instant geolocation terminal to be selected by the website and for your convenience the language (Greek or English), in which the content of the website will be displayed. The IP address of your device is not saved when you log in to our website.

Personal data is information that is or may be classified directly or indirectly about you. The legal basis for data protection is in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

The visitors / users / customers who enter and / or use the SMARTEC website and / or trade through it agree and accept the following: The information and material contained on the website are the property of SMARTEC and its affiliates as well as its affiliates. to these companies (hereinafter “Companies”, “Company”) and may not copy, reproduce and / or republish this information for any reason other than with the written consent of SMARTEC and / or the Company to which they relate.

This information and material may be used by visitors / users / customers, but SMARTEC and / or the Companies are not bound by its content, unless expressly provided otherwise, although they endeavor to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. contained on the website.

The information and material contained on the website are subject to change.

Only the terms included in the contract, accounting, etc. are binding. texts signed by the customers / users and SMARTEC and / or the Company with which they contract. SMARTEC and / or the Companies are not responsible for any error or inaccuracy in the transmission of information and / or orders from the customer / user / visitor, interference, impersonation, incorrect entry of data or malfunction of the system due to force majeure or for any other reason is not due to gross negligence or deceit of SMARTEC and / or the respective Company and / or its employees.

SMARTEC has taken all necessary measures in order to safeguard the security of the provision of services and the confidentiality of information concerning the visitors / users / customers of the website. However, they do not bear any responsibility if, despite the exercise of due diligence, the confidentiality of this information is violated.